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In 1971, John Scaccia worked toward being one of the most respected and trusted names in the Southeast Michigan building industry. He began his career in the building industry in 1964 as a brick mason and after nine years, he shifted to home building.

Today, David and Anthony Scaccia are continuing the tradition of excellence that was started by their father. Being second generation builders, David and Anthony have gained extensive knowledge of every aspect of home building, construction and design. David oversees the entire building process, from start to finish, including designing, marketing, and planning. Anthony, a real estate broker, handles sales and land acquisition


The Building Process

When you choose to work with Scaccia Building, you will work one-on-one with David, who manages the design and construction process with you in a collaborative, fast-paced, and fun partnership. During construction, you will be able to visit your home site as often as you like, often running into trade contractors who are multi-generational partners with Scaccia Building.

While a luxury builder, Scaccia Building is highly cost-conscious and focused on getting the most value for your investment, from raw materials to the final finishing touches -- and all elements in between the building process. The Scaccia Building team are, above all else, focused on high-quality building standards and delivering to you a well-built residence you will be proud to call home

Week 1 to 4
Week 4 to 7
Week 7 to 11
Week 12 to 15
Week 15 to 19
Week 19 to 22
Week 22 to 30

Stake out basement

Break ground and excavate for basement

Basement footings

Basement walls

Garage footings

Electrical gets ordered

Carpenter roughs house





Low Voltage

Cement floors


Bricks/ Stone

Stairs and trim

Hardwood flooring



Garage doors

Cement (driveway and walkways)

Interior paint

Final grade

Finals (electrical, plumbing, heater, etc.)


Shower doors

Sand wood floors


Paint touch up